Attracting more than new business

Today’s thought comes from a long overdue conversation with an HR Director, who has realized that engaging with the marketing team can really help him.

One of the biggest challenges facing professional services firms at the moment is talent: attracting and retaining the best and brightest. This where branding, recruitment and company culture all come together: the messages have to be true.

Company growth means serious recruitment; an uplift in the market means staff are moving on to opportunities elsewhere. Briefing and advertising for each anticipated role separately is expensive in terms of time and money. How can he encourage new people to apply speculatively – and improve retention of current employees?

We’ve had a brilliant couple of days considering employer branding, talking about the value of awards (conclusion: fundamental), injecting new impetus into internal communications and rejigging the website. I’m completely inspired.

Together, we plan to shift company culture towards one of commercial awareness and team work, with everyone working together to deliver – and benefit from – company growth.

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