Employee retention is cheaper than recruitment; in this case it’s also an investment in the future of your business.

You’ve built a brilliant team around you, but will it still be the right team in two years’ time?
Are your people your best ambassadors?
Do your rising stars have the right skills to win new work, lead teams and become brilliant business people?
What are you doing right now to develop your current team into your next team?

Our Building Brilliance programme gives attendees a toolkit of essential business skills, from the basics of marketing and business development to tactics for winning new work and a deeper understanding of the psychology of client relationships.

Investment in improving your people’s business skills will result in improved staff retention, better brand ambassadors, more profitable work and happier clients.

The Building Brilliance business skills programme is structured around a series of ten breakfast workshops delivered over a twelve-month period. The next series begins in September 2017.

You can book a place here or contact us directly.