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Cycle to MIPIM – final sponsorship total

What at an amazing experience! Luma Director Sarah Galligan cycled her way to Cannes in March for MIPIM 2019, raising £3250 for UK children’s charity Coram.

Thank you to all of Luma’s clients and contacts who sponsored Sarah, who took part in our Manchester cycle tours (which earned Luma an award from the charity for being innovative) and for sponsoring Sarah’s shirt. Literally, you clothed her. The Luma office has been full of neon lycra since Sarah took up cycling in 2018 and we’ve all learned a little bit too much about cyling terminology, gears, pedals and the topography of the Peak District. The tough training paid off and Sarah’s 6 day cycle to Cannes was evenly split between grim rain and spring sunshine but was always a great experience. Riding as part of an enourmous peloton was a new experience, with the two routes of riders starting and finishing as a snake of 140 riders. What an experience. Sarah relates one riding tale,

I’d trained in the Peaks and the Lake District and the climbs in France weren’t like the ones I faced there in terms of gradient, but they were longer. Much. Kilometers of climbing with some terrifying downhills at the end of them – sometimes in the dark. I’m a new cyclist so I will improve but currently I am a stronger climber than descender. 60kph on a twisty downhill? Not yet thanks.

But it was indeed beautiful. I’ll never forget Stage 4 on day 5 riding the 52km and climbing the 714m from St Quentin en Flavier to Hauterives. Word had gone round that it was the most beautiful stage of the ride which included a long climb into a medieval town. It was stunning. Normal rules of sticking to our place in the peloton didn’t apply as the stronger climbers and those slighter of build were allowed to pass the heavier guys – those built for speed. You really don’t want to be built like Chris Hoy on long climbs. We had music pumping (Nina Simone’s Simmerman will now be synonymous with climbing hills in France) and I was incredibly happy to be working as hard as I was with a great group alongside me and passing all those big blokes (some of whom would pass me as they thundered down the hill on the downhill.)

Sarah fell head over heels in love with cycling during her training and is an ambassador for Trek bikes’ women’s advocacy programme. Like MIPIM itself, the Cycle to MIPIM was male-heavy. The organisers are keen to encourage more women to take part next year. If you’d like to hear more about Sarah’s experience on the ride, do get in touch.

Thank you one last time to so many of our clients for the sponsorship and thank you in particular to our shirt sponsors: BECG, Placemarque, Trowers & Hamlin, Regents Regeneration, Boxclever, RJP Planning, Gorvins Solicitors and P4 Planning.


(PS Thank you to the amazing Cycle to MIPIM photographer Joolze Dymond and Club Peloton for the photograph we have used for the blog post header.)

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