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It Will Never Work: Urban Splash Celebrates 25 Years

Urban Splash has inspired all of us at Luma Marketing – and as Mancunians we are proud of a (fellow) world-class Manchester business, one that we have worked with (in a past working life) that has built some of the residences that surround us and houses our friends and also inspired our digital marketing executive with their choice of typography alone. So off we went on a field trip to the exhibition at Manchester Metropolitan University celebrating their 25 year anniversary.

Luma director Lucy Lomas worked on the promotion of the Smithfield Building in her very first marketing role at AMEC Developments (now Muse) a fair few years’ ago. In Lucy’s words, “I was young and I was feeling my way in marketing – like Urban Splash themselves really. I feel incredibly proud to have worked on the development which opened up the Northern Quarter (and clearly, like Urban Splash, I have grown in sophistication and prowess.)”

Director Sarah Galligan has lived in the Northern Quarter for six years and has a resident’s perspective of many of the Manchester buildings, with friends proud to live in the Smithfield Building and Chimney Pot Park. Sarah has also racked up the hours sunbathing in New Islington, cycling along the improved waterways and running alongside the Ancoats developments. Urban Splash’s buildings have brought humour, individuality and clever architecture to Manchester’s residential offerings – and made a rainy run that bit more interesting.

And yes, Sam our digital marketing executive was wowed by the quality, cleverness and quirkiness of the brochures (as well as the Bauhaus typography of the exhibition), each proud of the individual quirks and history of the developments. And then he was equally wowed by the buildings and the stories they told.

It was an inspirational morning.

 It will never work! is on at the Benzie Building at Mancester Metropolitan University until 17 November.

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